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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A simple history update- what I've done this week

I've had a few days off from work and that's been really nice. Its been good to have a relaxed schedule for a little while. I haven't been too lazy though, I just haven't been thinking about program management very much.

I took the family out to dinner and a Utah Grizzlies hockey game one night and saw something I've never seen before. A fight broke out on the ice! That in itself isn't unusual or even remarkable, but this fight broke out before the first faceoff! That's right, before the game even began, two players squared off, dropped their gloves and helmets and went at each other like they were resolving an old feud. They each got their punches in and a 5 minute fighting penalty and the game went on to be a real thriller. The Grizzlies did manage a win over Las Vegas and even had two goals scored in the first three minutes of the game, then scored again while trying to burn down a 2 minute Las Vegas power play. That was an excellent night out.

On that same day I went with Kenny, his son-in-law, Shane and his dad, Roy, out to the desert for a few hours of stomping around chasing jackrabbits. We went south this time, a different direct direction than we usually go and although the number of bunnies killed was pretty low- 2, we had a great time.

I did have a disappointing equipment failure though, which I'll be rectifying tomorrow. Last week, on impulse I bought a 12 gauge, over/under shotgun- a very inexpensive, used one from a pawn shop. It worked great the first time, I shot a jackrabbit with my first try of the gun. And both barrels worked as they were supposed to with the single trigger- once! Before leaving for the day, Kenny wanted to try the gun but the trigger mechanism had failed and turned my two-barrelled gun into a single shot! The pawn shop's already offered to buy it back. Now I want another one...

Sunday was spent skiing at Powder Mountain. Noah was working his ticket checking job and Kye went along for snowboarding with Dad. Except he ditched Dad on the very first run of the day and I didn't see him again until the lifts closed! We all had a good day of slipping and sliding on the mountain though and the BSU had chili and cornbread waiting for us for dinner. The new Hidden Lake Express high-speed lift is a wonderful addition to Powder Mountain and really makes skiing Hidden Lake a pleasure. The ride up is now 7 minutes instead of 17 or 18, so you can see that you can spend much more time skiing than riding the creaky old chair that used to get you back to the top. The new lift is great!

Last night the BSU and I braved the crowds and went to see Charlotte's Web. We really needed a rent-a-kid to take along to see this movie but failing that we went just the two of us. What a fun movie! I know that its a kid's story and the movie makers played it completely straight to the story, there's no adult, inside jokes that kid's won't get like many movies. This one is just a simple, fun story about a little girl, her pet pig and a spider that can write words. The rat is hilarious. Take your kids, grandkids, somebody else's kids and go see it. You'll feel good afterwards.

In between all these festivities, I'm still sick with a head congestion that makes me cough too much of the time. I'm taking meds, some of them even work, but I'm still pretty lousy. I even had another of my passing out events the other night, over my chili bowl. One minute I was eating and chatting with everyone, then I had a cough fit and blacked out. I managed to keep my face out of my bowl but I scared the spouse and the boys pretty good.

And now- its time to order some motorcycle parts and then go pick up the BSU's sewing machine from the shop.

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